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Waiting Is Costing You Your Life

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

We are obsessed with our image and routine, however, it is generally superficial and based on physical aspects of our lives. We focus on if we are eating in a manner that would support our physique. We focus on making enough money to buy our dream car to impress those who will look our way. We purchase a house to impress our family and friends during the holidays or routine weekend get together. Rarely do we look inward to truly dissect and diagnose ourselves, to understand how our decisions now will affect our future selves.

Exploring simple "Self-Test" questions that remind us of the value of our time.

We can address these points just by asking ourselves grounding questions to provide a moment to internalize our thoughts. It goes without saying some of us may not experience these hurdles but those who do will find value in some of the points I will cover.


Question 1: Does this activity help me achieve my goal?

The focus of this question is to make you aware of the choice you are going to make and what that choice can bring. It is not meant for you to feel shame but to make the person asking the focal point. You are the main character in your journey. Every choice supports that fact, how you respond to the choices in front of you will tell the story.

This is the most selfish of the questions, but that is okay, you can be selfish this is YOUR path. Understanding what activities contribute to your success story and what work against you is no different than choosing to eat veggies with your meal. You may want to eat pizza every day but by prioritizing your health those cheat days feel much more rewarding. There are days when you will be sick, busy, etc. It is critical that you maintain consistency every day, this is how we separate ourselves from our competition there is no need to wait it is costing you your life.

Question 2: Who is my competition and how can I win?

Being relentlessly consistent is never easy, it is quite possibly the hardest thing to accomplish in life. It is why waiting is so costly. There will be days that it’s difficult, and there will be days we are tired. What I have come to find is those are the days we train for, to build ourselves to overcome. I meant what I said, your journey is all about you. There is no one else, which is why we are faced with internal conflict regularly, that isn’t caused by our external competition. They aren’t in our minds or causing us to doubt, WE are responsible for those internal conflicts.

The earlier we face them the sooner we can become resistant to their persuasion and fight back with a never retaliate mentality. This is truly a skill, it isn’t going to be easy, and we won’t always win but that’s okay because we then begin to understand what it feels like to lose. From that point, our consistency will fuel our hatred of that feeling. We can propel ourselves into victory with consistency and will alone.

Question 3: When can I expect to refocus on the task at hand?

There will come a time when a break is necessary to continue your success. Cars run out of gas, batteries need to be recharged, and you, at times need a break. This is not accepting defeat this is being human, to take a break is tricky for some because we aren’t taking a break to make it a habit. The break isn’t a submission or forfeit, it is but a pause in motion to reflect on the journey and to prepare for what is to come. The intention of this pause is to prepare, this is understood before time is set aside, be cognizant of the time you spend in this space. For some, it is too comfortable, as it is easy to make excuses while you are relaxed.

Never forget, no matter what path you choose consistent effort is the nucleus. It is the driving force, don’t wait for it to happen because life is short, and wasting time cannot be accepted as an option.

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