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A Well-Balanced Introduction

I believe it is important for me to take the time out to introduce myself to you. We can start with where I’m from, which is Cleveland Ohio. I am 6'8, with curly hair, brown eyes, and yes I played basketball my entire life, but I found myself more and more fascinated in my, post athletic career, of course with how I can leverage my experience as an athlete in other aspects of my life. This has led me down roads of every type, in which I am able to extract experiences to develop my own brand and methodologies.

Which leads me to my next point in my professional career which has been mostly spent in a sales position of sorts. The unique aspect of the positions that I have held is that I am not necessarily selling a product but more so an idea, don't get me wrong there is still a product to be sold nut I will dive deeper in a separate post. This method of selling, in which I take a quarterback position , often comes equipped with significant teams that are built around what our objective is, which allows someone like myself to not only utilize my experience in a corporate setting but I can also leverage those skills in my personal life as well.

My goal for this blog is to bridge the gap between personal and corporate business and by doing so potentially help those who may find difficulties with that balancing act between the two. I would like to do this as a challenge for myself, to continue to develop skills that correlate across the spectrum. This is valuable once tapped into due to the fact that we can feel like we’re losing in one battle but winning in another or any combination of those two.

For example one of the most common habits that I see is when we are dealing with winning and losing. What you tend to find in either of those states is The individual has either been brought to a euphoric state due to a recent win. However, it’s interesting when you think about the harm that could because to one’s confidence during a loss. Without balance we can find ourselves too far on either side. Recognizing where you are on the scale could mean the difference between how you recover or how you respond.

But what I have come to realize is that if we utilize one aspect of our life to amplify another we are then able to reap the rewards of our development without the feeling of a looming quota or year-over-year revenue metric.

So back to the objective, I am writing to you as a reader through my experiences to not only hold myself accountable along this journey of improvement. But to also share the highs and lows to hopefully help or entertain you as a reader. I hope you are along for the journey as I certainly am and I look forward to providing you with the best content possible!

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